A student who learned something

Dr Richards,
This is more an “of interest” email. There’s been an ongoing battle between me and some old friends about gender equality. My guy friend just sent me an article called the “Feminine Reality” (http://rationalmale.wordpress.com/2011/12/20/the-feminine-reality/). I thought it was interesting that this guy who writes the blog blamed society for males having to impress females.

“For one gender to realize their sexual imperative the other must sacrifice their own. This is the root source of power the feminine imperative uses to establish its own reality as the normative one. From this flows the rules of engagement for dating / mating, operative social conventions used to maintain cognitive dominance, and laws and legalities that bind society to the benefit of the feminine. From this is derived men?s default status as the ?disposable? sex, while women are the protected sex. It?s this root that the imperative uses to excuse (not apologize for) the most blatant inconsistencies and atrocities of women.”

I think the blog writer should take your [animal behaviour] class and learn a little about parental investment.

[boldface above added by MR because this is the kind of thing that makes a professor happy!]


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