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“Useless” research still gets funded…

The worst part of being a university researcher is scrabbling for research funding, and this year I found the process particularly stressful, given the current anti-ecology climate in Canada.  Last night I learned that my NSERC grant was renewed – … Continue reading

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Dialictus Genome Project

Recently, I wrote a grant proposing to begin a hunt for genes associated with queen versus worker behaviour in sweat bees.  It was a good proposal, if I do say so myself, but that doesn’t mean it will be funded. … Continue reading

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CANPOLIN News Release: “Thieving” Bees Serve as Window to Health of Bee Communities

“Thieving” Bees Serve as Window to Health of Bee Communities (March 1, 2013) – Guelph, ON Bees that hijack the nests of other bee species could be used to measure the health of the wider bee community, says a new … Continue reading

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