Dialictus Genome Project

Recently, I wrote a grant proposing to begin a hunt for genes associated with queen versus worker behaviour in sweat bees.  It was a good proposal, if I do say so myself, but that doesn’t mean it will be funded. Of course, I hope it will be, because then we can go full tilt on a pretty exciting new research project.   But if not, why waste a good idea?  We can always do things slowly, and the great thing about genome projects is they get cheaper all the time.  It cost about a billion dollars to sequence the first (human) genome.  Now, the price is down to about $5000 for a sweat bee genome.  So, we are going to sequence the genome of an interesting little eusocial sweat bee named Lasioglossum (Dialictus) laevissimum, already the subject of an MSc project in our lab.  We have a lot to learn about genome assembly, never having done this before, but the prospect of new research is always great fun!


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