Incredibly efficient research assistant finishes everything!

Jessi deHaan Grad Oct 2013 photo 2

Jessica de Haan recently graduated with an Honours BSc in Biology.  The photo shows Jessi and Miriam in their mediaeval finery, and Jessi’s proud dad in the middle.

Jessi has been hanging around in our lab since the spring of 2012, when she worked as a field assistant.  She has done everything from watching carpenter bees in observation nests to setting pan traps and curating the resulting gazillions of bee specimens.  In the last few months she has been pinning, labelling, databasing and correcting errors in our 10 year database of local bees – at least 40,000 specimens.  For this first time, we are completely caught up with our databases, thanks to her efficiency.

Jessi graduated from Brock this autumn, after finishing up her 4th year Honours thesis in the plant ecology lab, which she did while working for us as well.  To top it all off, Jessi is also a farm sitter par excellence, for which the denizens of FarrFetched Farm (not to mention the farmers) are exceedingly grateful!


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