Return of short-haired bumblebees to Britain

Some good environmental news for a change – reintroduction of the the short-haired bumblebee to Britain seems to have worked!  The secret to successful reintroduction seems to be in providing lots of flowers with a return to floral hedgerows and field edges to mitigate the monocultures of modern agriculture.  For more details, click the link:

Our own studies also seem to show that “Plant it and they will come”.  We’ve been astonished by the quick return of bees to restored landfill sites after decades of absence.


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3 Responses to Return of short-haired bumblebees to Britain

  1. jeffollerton says:

    The Short-haired bumblebee reintroduction is turning into a real success story after a number of false starts. For anyone wanting more background I can recommend Dave Goulson’s book “Sting in the Tail” which documents his attempts to reintroduce the species from New Zealand.

    Agreed, bees (and other pollinators) can recolonise sites very rapidly – we have also worked with restored landfill sites and had similar findings:

    However, being an island nation, species that have gone extinct at a country-level within the UK are less likely to to naturally recolonise, though there is at least one precedent. For more on this- see:



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