If you have a Dalmatian, bee biologists need you…

Nice hair, dude.

Nice hair, dude.

Sam Droege is kind of a rock star among bee biologists.  Sam works for the US Geological Survey and spends his time devising biodiversity surveys.  His specialty is collecting, identifying, photographing and publicizing bees.  Like any good publicist and society photographer, Sam wants his subjects to look their best.  Turns out, grooming a bee is best accomplished with tiny brushes made of hairs from Dalmation dogs.  Their hairs are forked, which is perfect for buffing and brushing bees.

Our national broadcaster picked up on this  – here’s Monday’s interview from As It Happens:  http://www.cbc.ca/asithappens/features/2015/01/26/dog-hair-needed-for-cleaning-bees/.

(Editorial note:  if Sam was a federal scientist in Canada, this interview could never have happened.  US government scientists are free to talk to the CBC, but Canadian government scientists are not! )


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