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Look up – waaaay up….

There’s a bumblebee on one of these giant sunflowers in our garden (4 m tall!).   She was a big one – you can see her even though she was up there!  Advertisements

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A microscope demo produces some great sweat bee pics for us

The specimen is a male Agapostemon virescens captured in 2015. Look closely at the  antennae – are those tiny mites or spots?  The microscope is made by Keyence.

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One last meal before winter

Southern Ontario is the northern edge of the geographic range of the eastern carpenter bee, Xylocopa virginica.  Young bees emerge as adults in late summer,  and they need to feed before hibernation.  This likely limits how far north they can … Continue reading

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New carpenter bee paper from Brock Bee Lab

Our paper on social organisation and reproductive queues in eastern carpenter bees, is now “pre-published” in manuscript form.  The paper analyses the foraging schedules of  individually marked bees like the one on the photo (which was taken by Jess Vickruck), … Continue reading

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Honeybee worker, Kerameikos, just below Athens Acropolis

I usually ignore honeybees when I’m home, but in Greece, honeybees are native bees and often wild. It’s amazing to find any bees at all in a big city with almost no greenery, but there are always honeybees in the … Continue reading

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Foraging sweat bee, southern Greece

Probably Lasioglossum marginatum, the most abundant bee foraging in early spring.  Photographed in Agios Nikolaos, Monemvasias, Greece, April 2014.

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