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Rapid initial recovery and long-term persistence of a bee community in a former landfill

We’re having an Andy Warhol day!  First, a nice piece in the Brock News about our recent paper on 10 years (yes, ten!) of bee monitoring at the Glenridge Quarry Naturalization Site.  Then some tweeting, including from NSERC and Canada’s Science Minister.  … Continue reading

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Dave and new RNA-Seq data, complete with certificate of authenticity and a cute little box to keep the data in!

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Yellow-faced bee on goldenrod

One of the last bees in our garden was this tiny little yellow-faced bee (Hylaeus), foraging on goldenrod in mid-September.  The bee loves the goldenrod.  Me, too.   I don’t really understand why so many people dismiss such beautiful blossoms as … Continue reading

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Pan-trapping Day 3, Year 14 (!!!)

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Morning surprise: a new paper I didn’t quite realise I had coauthored…

The third thing I did this morning was check my email (I’ve learned never to check my email first thing – there are so many better ways to start the day).  I was surprised to find a Google notification about … Continue reading

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A microscope demo produces some great sweat bee pics for us

The specimen is a male Agapostemon virescens captured in 2015. Look closely at the  antennae – are those tiny mites or spots?  The microscope is made by Keyence.

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New paper: Experimentally induced alloparental care in a solitary carpenter bee

New paper by former MSc student,Vern Lewis, now a PhD student at the University of Guelph. The link allows free downloads until 24 January.

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