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Dave and new RNA-Seq data, complete with certificate of authenticity and a cute little box to keep the data in!


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Yellow-faced bee on goldenrod

One of the last bees in our garden was this tiny little yellow-faced bee (Hylaeus), foraging on goldenrod in mid-September.  The bee loves the goldenrod.  Me, too.   I don’t really understand why so many people dismiss such beautiful blossoms as … Continue reading

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Pan-trapping Day 3, Year 14 (!!!)

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Morning surprise: a new paper I didn’t quite realise I had coauthored…

The third thing I did this morning was check my email (I’ve learned never to check my email first thing – there are so many better ways to start the day).  I was surprised to find a Google notification about … Continue reading

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A microscope demo produces some great sweat bee pics for us

The specimen is a male Agapostemon virescens captured in 2015. Look closely at the  antennae – are those tiny mites or spots?  The microscope is made by Keyence.

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New paper: Experimentally induced alloparental care in a solitary carpenter bee

New paper by former MSc student,Vern Lewis, now a PhD student at the University of Guelph. The link allows free downloads until 24 January.

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Another major accomplishment for the Bee Lab:  Winner of the departmental ugly Christmas sweater contest

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